Next Advokater

Specialist expertise


Labour Law

Next has extensive experience of managing all kinds of Labour Law cases and supports both Swedish and international companies in, for example, negotiations, disputes and reorganisations. The firm primarily represents employers, but does also act on behalf of employees.

Construction Law

At Next, we represent Swedish and international companies, organisations and private individuals within the framework of Construction and Property Law matters, assisting our clients in areas such as the creation of service and construction agreements, as well assisting them in construction disputes, etc.

Company and Stock Market Law

In the field of Company Law, Next assists clients in all kinds of Company Law cases, such as capital increases, generation changes, mergers and de-mergers. We regularly assist both small and medium-sized close companies as well as listed companies and larger groups of companies.

In the field of Stock Market Law, we assist listed companies on an ongoing basis in matters relating to compliance and good practice in the stock market and in a number of other different areas, e.g. in connection with listings, shareholder meetings, merger and acquisitions, public takeover bids and matters relating to market abuse.

IP and Trade Secrets

In the field of Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets, we represent a broad spectrum of clients, from small entrepreneurs to major international clients, in matters relating to Copyright, Trademark Law, Market Law and Trade Secrets. We also assist our clients in Intellectual Property disputes in court and assist with strategic advice in order to optimize the protection of rights and act as agents in administrative processes at the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) and EUIPO.

In the field of IT Law, we represent clients in protecting and managing technological innovations, both nationally and internationally. We also draw up and negotiate all kinds of contracts within this field of law and assist with the interpretation and implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), etc.

Dispute Resolution

Next has extensive experience in dispute resolution and conflict management from a wide variety of cases and industries.

Our team of experts specialize in resolution of commercial disputes, such as contractual, Labor, Construction, Property, Trade Secrets, Copyright Infringements, Advisory Liability Matters, Insurance Disputes, etc.

We represent clients not only in general courts, but also in both national and international arbitration proceedings.

Banking and Finance

Next represents various kinds of companies under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and offers comprehensive legal advice on Regulatory and Commercial Law matters in the field of Banking and Finance. Clients include credit institutions, payment service companies, securities companies, insurance companies, fund management companies and AIF managers. The firm also represents financial companies that do not conduct licensed business operations (e.g. factoring companies).

In the regulatory area, the firm offers assistance in respect of matters including compliance, permit applications, capital structure matters, implementation of new regulations, money laundering matters and in contacts with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

In the Commercial Law section, the firm assists companies with advice and commercial agreements in the field of credit management, factoring, leasing and other forms of financing, securities operations and fund operations.

M & A

With extensive experience in both private and public M&As, we assist the client throughout the entire transaction process, from the decision to acquire or sell, through due diligence, contract negotiations and drafting of contracts, until the transaction is completed. Next clients include not only small and medium-sized close companies, but also listed companies.

Transport and logistics

We counsel national and international clients in all areas of road transport, rail transport, air- and sea transport. Our advice covers all areas of transport and transport insurance law. We advise our clients on freight contracts, charter contracts, logistics contracts, service contracts, shipbuilding contracts, customs issues, damage to goods and other transport damages.  


Our services provided to private and public insurers encompass policies and other legal matters within the field of insurance law as well as corporate and other industry specific matters, and further extends to partly industry related matters such as supply and maintenance of software systems, licensing, development, co-operation agreements and marketing.